Patient Satisfaction at East Texas Area Hospital Increases with Customer Service Training from SRJ Marketing Communications

Performance improvement a result of a comprehensive, on-going training program. DALLAS (Oct. 18, 2011) – An East Texas hospital has experienced the highest increase in patient satisfaction s...

Dominion Technologies Launches Website Thanks to SRJ Marketing

Power generation solutions provider can now communicate online with clients and prospects. DALLAS (Oct. 12, 2011) – SRJ Marketing Communications (

Is it time to revitalize customer service in healthcare?

As a healthcare provider, it’s imperative that you are evaluated by your patients based on the quality and level of care you provide. Surprisingly, the quality and level of care you provide is not the only factor determining your pa...

Have you upgraded your LinkedIn mobile app?

Earlier this week, LinkedIn released a new version of their mobile application on both iOS and Android devices. Unlike...

The Power of Follow-up

When you are prospecting a new client, responding to interest and networking, taking the time to follow up and touch base with the other party can often be the deciding factor in securing business or missing it entirely. ...

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