It’s practically 2014!

As we move into the final two months of the year, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to capture new market share and enhance relationships with your customers throughout the upcoming year.

With our dynamic economic climate, and with the incredible new opportunities out there, the potential is there for you to better manage your business relationships while cultivating new ones.  If you don’t want to be left behind in the upcoming year, it’s time to start planning! 

The key to success is to hit the ground running immediately after the holiday lull.  You don’t want to waste a day in 2014. Here are some tips for success to help you out:

Do your research.

The New Year will yield opportunities for many and it is time to do some homework and figure out what will happen in the coming months based on your respective industries.  With the proper research about you’re your industry, competition, and the potential buyer of your product or service, you will have a good start towards how to plan your marketing and PR program.

Stop wasting time and resources.

The last several years have brought a sea change in the way we market.  For example, Internet marketing techniques have pretty much obliterated the tried-and-true tactics of yesteryear.  Several years ago, the only way to gain market share was expensive mass media (TV, newspaper, radio, outdoor).  Now, social media is one of the biggest players in how brands communicate. Talking about a shift!  

How did your online strategy look this past year? How did it differ from 2012? What about back in 2008? I can assure you that your online marketing strategy has changed over the years.  Things change rapidly online, which is why it is important to take a look at the strategies that worked last year—and the ones that didn’t—and make some choices.

Remember, what worked a few years ago may not be the best use of your time/money now.

It’s all about integration!

Of course, it’s important to get up and running in the world of social media. Maybe you already have, but have you developed an integrated marketing program that incorporates your social media strategy? 

I’m not talking about setting up a Facebook page and waiting for some to “like” your brand.  I’m talking about integrating your online social media strategies with your traditional (advertising, PR, direct mail, trade shows, etc.) and new media (websites, banner ads, SEO, PPC programs, email marketing) communication channels. 

An integrated communications program is like having a three-legged stool. You need all components (traditional, new media, emerging technologies) to work together in synergy to succeed. The most important advice is to plan your plan and work your plan.

Consider outside help!

With the right marketing communications program in place, you can maximize your exposure to your target audience. With so many options and tools available, consider whether you would benefit from outsourcing your marketing strategy. You could save yourself time and money in the long run by working with an agency that specializes in an integrated marketing solution. *coughs* SRJ Marketing Communications *coughs*

Understanding where to start and how to plan is key to making the upcoming year a great one. Knowing how to plan for your goals is where it all begins. Don’t waste another day.