Helping Hospitals and Clinics Succeed Helps Communities Succeed

Rural healthcare facilities face countless challenges. From competition in the big cities to new market realities, it is often a struggle just to survive. Hospitals and clinics are local lifelines, and ensuring that they succeed ensures that their communities succeed.

For nearly three decades, SRJ has worked closely with healthcare facilities, providers and stakeholders to strengthen ties with the communities they serve. Using proven marketing communications strategies, SRJ equips healthcare facilities with the strategic and creative vision they need to build awareness, stop out-migration and increase market share. We know hospitals. We know marketing. Let us serve you.

Rural Healthcare Marketing Consultations Help You Reach Your Goals

Don’t let another goal slip by. SRJ has worked with countless rural healthcare facilities to steer them on the right path and to help them design and implement cost-effective marketing strategies that engage the right audience with the right message.

Full-Service Rural Healthcare Marketing Saves You Time and Money

Advertising, public relations, marketing, and social media and websites are all great, but they won’t do much of anything if they are not part of the bigger communications program. SRJ can manage all the details of your program objectives so you can get back to your other responsibilities.

An Affordable, Membership-Based Package Takes the Stress Out of Marketing

SRJ has created the first comprehensive rural healthcare marketing package, automated to save you time and money. The marketing tools and support you need are delivered every month. Try it for free!