Think Globally, Impact Locally!

Whether you have a home-based business or a multi-million dollar business, it’s imperative that you have a strategic marketing communications strategy that helps support your business objectives.

Developing and employing a customized marketing strategy for your business should be both a personal and intimate endeavor that makes you feel as if you’re getting the attention and service that your business deserves.

In engaging a marketing firm, you definitely have many choices; however, an ideal choice is a company that has the global resources to make a far reaching impact with a caring customer service driven staff that listens to what you want and tailors everything to your business.

You want your business to develop and grow. More profits and expansion are key priorities. Taking advantage of social media and a Web site can augment any business—period.

A dedicated marketing team can place your business everywhere at once! By utilizing Internet-based social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, these sites afford your business every possible chance to grow and be seen. How can you not take advantage of these opportunities?

Any business owner or corporate structure must first decide where they want to go with their service or product. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), online ad revenues were at $10.9 billion by October 2009. This basically translates into the simple fact that you must advertise/market your business using the Internet as a medium in your marketing communications strategy. No ifs, ands or buts about it!

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy requires time dedication and knowledge of a multitude of media and tactics to create an integrated approach that will effectively create the impact necessary to achieve set goals. What specifically should you know? Internet-based technologies alone should be considered, such as: Web design and search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, social media and merchant services. On the traditional front, don’t forget about public relations, print media, sales, networking and other tactics that you simply cannot accomplish online.

SRJ Marketing Communications is a full service agency that provides an integrated approach to communications. Utilizing strategy, vision, design and technology, we can create a integrated marketing communications strategy that leverages multiple outlets for a stronger impact.

If you find yourself baffled with the task of creating an effective marketing communications plan for your business, please feel free to give me or my team a call at 214-528-5775. We can setup a free consultation where we talk with you to help outline how we can get you on your way to marketing success. SRJ Marketing Communications has been doing this kind of strategic thinking for 20 years, and I’ve personally been doing it for 30 years. You get experience with us, so let us put it to work for you.