What do people know about your organization or company? If anything, is it the right thing? The public relations professionals at SRJ Marketing Communications will work to make sure your stakeholders know the right things about your products and services.

Sure, we like to write news releases and pitch your stories to the media. When it comes down to it however, we’re all about getting you free placement. Public relations is more than getting your name in the media. It’s about establishing and building key relationships with stakeholders. That means not only with the clients, customers, investors, community members, and industry associates, but also means fostering solid relationships with your employees.

In today’s online culture, that means turning to the Internet to build relationships with your publics. Digital public relations is a quickly growing industry that helps you manage your company’s online reputation primarily through social media. Social media can help you reach millions of people without paying a single penny, and is an easy way to communicate with your target publics. There are a huge amount of tools at your disposal, let us help you make the most of them.

Public relations services are a perfect complement to our strategic marketing plans. Call us today at 214-528-5775 to learn how an investment in public relations can help your company’s image and over-all bottom line.