They Think They Know, but They Have No Idea…

Everyone who has not been living under a rock for the past few years knows about social networking.  It is everywhere you look.  From the creation of sites such as MySpace and Xanga, to the new king of the hill, Facebook, it’s pretty much impossible not to at least hear about social media.  But does just hearing about it, or casually taking part in it make somebody an expert?

Apparently according to some marketers, it does.

The case study and marketing research firm, Marketing Sherpa, has released an interesting study that includes some eye-opening statistics.  This is a graph of the information that was gathered from marketers who admittedly had very little to no experience with social media. (For more information visit

 How Knowledgeable Are Marketers With No Social Media Experience?

I am sure this is probably a disturbing graph to see, especially if you are a business owner contemplating engaging in social media marketing (and if you are not, you should be).  The fact is that just because you are a familiar with something, it doesn’t make you an expert.


For example, 15 years ago desktop publishing software was widely available.  It was no doubt a great tool and innovation to the world of marketing, but it had to be in the right hands.  Just because you buy desktop publishing software, doesn’t mean you are all of the sudden a professional graphic designer.  The same goes for social media marketing.

Social media is nothing more than a tool that needs to be integrated into the rest of your businesses’ marketing efforts.  It should be another piece of the marketing puzzle, not the puzzle itself. 

That being said, it is an amazing tool that when put in the hands of somebody who does have the knowledge and expertise to utilize it correctly, can do wonders for making your brand more accessible to consumers.

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