The Jordan Insurance Agency Receives a Business Communications Solution from SRJ Marketing Communications

Contact: Armando Gonzalez

Date: July 25, 2008

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


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The Jordan Insurance Agency Receives a Business Communications Solution from SRJ Marketing Communications

SRJ Marketing Communications has developed a complete integrated solution to better help The Jordan Insurance Agency ( communicate with its clients. Complete with a new corporate logo, business stationery and a Web site solution, the Charlotte, N.C.-based insurance agency can now better complete in the marketplace.

Emphasizing the importance of branding, the Dallas-based marketing communications agency started the project with the development of a new corporate logo. A powerful typographic logo was developed and positions The Jordan Insurance Agency as a trusted provider of health and life insurance.

To aid in the branding of the insurance agency, a business stationery set was designed in addition to a palm card which representatives can hand out to prospective clients at social networking events and abroad.

Another critical element in the communications package was the development of a functional Web site with an intuitive navigation structure. A content management system was also programmed into the site, which allows authorized members of insurance agency to make content modifications as needed.

“The first place many people go to find out more about getting insurance is the Internet,” said Steve Jolly, principal of SRJ Marketing Communications. “So it was important that we provide The Jordan Insurance Agency with a functional Web site that provides clients and prospects with information on available coverage plans.”

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