Steve Jolly Completes Customer Service Training Workshop at Electra Memorial Hospital

Contact: Armando Gonzalez

Date: May 22, 2008

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


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Steve Jolly Completes Customer Service Training Workshop at Electra Memorial Hospital

Steven R. Jolly, principal of Dallas-based SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC, visited Electra Memorial Hospital on May 21 to deliver one of his popular training workshops on quality customer service.

Known for his expertise in rural and community healthcare marketing, Jolly held the workshop at Electra Memorial to provide the facility with the competitive edge of quality service. Located in Electra, Texas, the hospital serves as the center for healthcare services for surrounding communities with advanced technology and a team of caring medical professionals.

In his training workshops, Jolly stressed that customer service is a process, not a program. By leading hospital staff members toward a deeper understanding of the basics of human relationships, participants learned how to better handle situations with not only patients, but with families and fellow team members.

Topics of the training workshop also included: how to create powerful first impressions, improving team atmosphere, putting patients and families at ease, handling complaints, and maintaining confidentiality.

“Over the years, I’ve discovered that the key to a successful workshop is to blend personal stories with a humor,” says Jolly. “This keeps the audience engaged and they become more receptive to useful information and tangible skills that can be put into action.”

Jolly has traveled across the nation to deliver his energetic customer service workshops, including stops in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Texas. To learn more about customer service training workshops, visit

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