SRJ Marketing Communications Utilizes Social Media as Part of the Clayton Dabney Foundation’s Communication Plan

Contact: Jeremy Ash
Date: April 6, 2009
Telephone: 214-528-5775

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SRJ Marketing Communications Utilizes Social Media as Part of the Clayton Dabney Foundation’s Communication Plan

Dallas-based Clayton Dabney Foundation for Kids with Cancer, through the work of SRJ Marketing Communications, is experiencing first-hand, the benefits of online media, especially the use of the social networking site,

“The Clayton Dabney Foundation, like many nonprofits, is a perfect fit for social media,” said Steven R. Jolly, principal of SRJ Marketing Communications. “Facebook allows the Clayton Dabney Foundation to acquire a new sphere of influence that it was not available before.”

Facebook offers several options for nonprofits and other organization seeking to build two-way relationships and generate awareness within target markets. SRJ chose to not only create a Facebook page, but also a cause page for the Clayton Dabney Foundation.

The Facebook page is similar to a normal Facebook profile. It allows the Clayton Dabney Foundation to post new information, pictures and videos. The page serves as an important information tool, enabling the Clayton Dabney Foundation to reach out instantly and efficiently to those who have added this page to their profile, which in the Clayton Dabney Foundation’s case, has surpassed the 200 fan mark in less than two weeks.

The difference between the fan page and the cause page is the fact that you can actually donate to the Foundation through this cause page. In addition to accepting donations, this page also allows for the posting of links, new information and videos.

“Facebook has come a long way, and it’s important for organizations, regardless of their end-goals, to decide whether or not social media can help them reach those goals,” said Steven R. Jolly. “Although Facebook was not the only piece of the puzzle in the case of the Clayton Dabney Foundation, it was no doubt a valuable one.”

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