SRJ Marketing Communications Helps Promote Affordable Wi-Fi Access

Contact: Steven R. Jolly

Date: March 4, 2005

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


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SRJ Marketing Communications Helps Promote Affordable Wi-Fi Access

High Speed Internet access is one of the fastest growing segments of the wireless industry. A new company providing this service, BioVLAN, has turned to SRJ to craft its initial communications plan.

Communicating the latest technology to the public isn’t always easy. BioVLAN’s broadband wireless service is on the cutting edge of Internet technology, using Mesh technology to provide wireless access to large populations.

SRJ Marketing Communications will help the company develop clear messages and strategies for delivering those messages. From sales materials to identifying the target audience, SRJ will work with BioVLAN to get the company successfully off the ground.

“We have worked with industry innovators on many occasions,” says Steve Jolly, SRJ Principal. “The challenge is finding the target audience and formulating the message to get the information across effectively.”

“Our expertise in matters high-tech will be a great benefit to BioVLAN,” explains Jolly. “We have an innate understanding of how to communicate complex concepts in terms that the target audience can understand.”

Not only will SRJ work hand-in-hand with BioVLAN to develop the communications strategy, but they will also create attractive materials in their in-house art department in order to brand BioVLAN consistently as the company grows.

“The SRJ team will help them build a solid foundation for future growth,” says Jolly. “With an established, identifiable brand, getting the word out about this exciting technology will be easier and easier for them as time goes by.”

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