Regional Consulting Selected SRJ to Design its Premier Web Site

Contact: Steven R. Jolly

Date: June 12, 2006

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


For Immediate Release

Regional Consulting Selected SRJ to Design its Premier Web Site

SRJ Marketing Communications (, has announced the completion of a state-of-the-art Web site for Regional Consulting, a national job facilitator for the healthcare industry.

Dallas-based Regional Consulting matches healthcare professionals with hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the nation. These facilities include anesthesiology groups, radiology groups, hospitals, surgery centers, private practices and imaging centers that need specialized temporary tenant staffing to cover shortages that range from one day to a year or longer.

Regional Consulting knew they needed a strong online presence with custom-made interaction, so they chose SRJ, a recognized leader in dynamic Web design. The result was “Regional Consulting Online” via

SRJ developed a professional, efficient and multifunctional online Web presence that goes far beyond the original client expectations. In collaboration with Regional Consulting, SRJ has implemented a feature on the site called “Hot Jobs”, which aids healthcare professionals in searching available jobs quickly, easily, and efficiently at any time to find a perfect job match.

SRJ delivered a media piece which not only tells its audience who the client is, but also took communication and productivity to a new level—ensuring that visitors to Regional Consulting’s site will never be confused or lost.

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