Louisiana Rural Hospital Coalition Taps Steven R. Jolly to Speak

Contact: Steven R. Jolly

Date: May 2, 2005

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775

E-mail: steve@srj.net

For Immediate Release

Louisiana Rural Hospital Coalition Taps Steven R. Jolly to Speak

Steven R. Jolly, principal of SRJ Marketing Communications, will help open the Louisiana Rural Hospital Coalition annual meeting in Baton Rouge, May 1 – May 3, 2005 with cost effective marketing and public relations tactics for rural hospitals. Coalition members throughout the state will gather under the conference theme of “Rural Hospitals United and Focused” to meet with State Legislators and to learn new techniques for hospital management.

Recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in small and rural hospital marketing, Jolly’s success has centered around the idea that marketing is the sum total of all impressions — that hospitals must pay attention to details and ensure a flawless product before they launch a marketing campaign. “Once the interior marketing is done — customer service training, adequate policies, employee buy-in — then the hospital should present a well-planned marketing effort to the target market,” he said.

“Marketing and financial management in healthcare are natural allies,” Jolly said. “Marketing that is targeted, well-planned, and consistent is not an expense in healthcare; it has a positive impact on the bottom line. When hospitals remember that the center of their business is the patient, then they are on the right track for success.”

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