Linda Nadler Joins SRJ Marketing Communications’ Fort Lauderdale Division

Contact: Armando Gonzalez

Date: December 5, 2007

Telephone: 214-528-5775

For Immediate Release

Linda Nadler Joins SRJ Marketing Communications’ Fort Lauderdale Division

Linda Nadler, long time South Florida business leader, will lead the account service and new business acquisition for SRJ Marketing Communications’ Fort Lauderdale division, according to Steven R. Jolly, company founder and principal. Nadler will work with the already impressive growing roster of clients in the region.

“Our introduction to the South Florida marketplace has been exceptional over the past year,” Jolly says. “With the addition of Linda to our team, SRJ can continue its successes by providing full-service advertising, marketing, public relations and Web site solutions to businesses across the state.” 

Nadler, a New York native, is linguistically competent in English, Spanish and French. She was a language major at Brooklyn College—City University of New York.  Nadler, who moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1987, was also enrolled in the entertainment law program at the New School of Social Research in New York. 

“Working with SRJ allows me the opportunity to bring a level of creative energy to our current and future clients in the region,” Nadler says. “It’s exciting to work with a fresh, creative company that really cares about the successes of our clients.” 

“My experiences in the development and marketing fields over the past 25 plus years have allowed me to not only help business achieve their communication goals, but to also reach bottom line results,” Nadler explains. “Results are what it comes down to and when you have the ability to produce ‘bottom line’ results, and then you know you are serving your clients and the public well.”

SRJ is passionate about creating effective marketing, advertising and public relations programs, producing deliverables on time and exceeding client expectations. Jolly says that Nadler will utilize her marketplace knowledge and contacts to seek new business opportunities to deepen and expand the company’s relationships. 

“SRJ’s quality work and creative output will certainly make the task of meeting both my personal and career goals easy,” Nadler explains. “I have a proven track record of improving and expanding the companies for which I have worked. I’m excited to do the same with SRJ.”

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