Kodiak Capital Partners, L.L.C. Launches Informative and Innovative Website Designed by SRJ

Contact: Steve Jolly

Date: September 20, 2004

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775

E-mail: steve@srj.net

For Immediate Release

Kodiak Capital Partners, L.L.C. Launches Informative and Innovative Website Designed by SRJ

Kodiak Capital Partners L.L.C.’s Web site (www.kodiakcapital.com), designed and recently launched by SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC, uses creative and innovative design to promote the company’s services for investors in Tenants in Common properties and 1031 Exchanges.

“Kodiak Capital needed a professional site that was not only user-friendly, but which also projected the image of the large transactions that they facilitate,” says SRJ principal Steve Jolly. “We designed a site that informs while generating interest for the visitor in Kodiak’s services.”

The site incorporates a property profile section with images and descriptions of the Kodiak properties available currently, recently closed and coming soon. There is also a scrolling banner to highlight recently added properties. Information sections also provide details on the steps required to complete an exchange and the services offered by Kodiak.

Kodiak’s service is aimed at investors who wish to sell a property and take advantage of the 1031 Exchange laws which allow investors to reinvest the proceeds from the sale of property into a new property, without having to pay capital gains tax, as long as the property fits certain criteria.

As designed, the site allows Kodiak to offer the site as a tool in dealing with clients, and gives visitors a better idea of the type of service they will receive from the partners. Because the law is very specific about how the exchanges must take place, the Kodiak Capital website is used as an informational as well as sales tool for potential Kodiak clients. The website, as designed by SRJ, presents a clean, professional image — reflecting the nature of business transactions that Kodiak offers their clients.

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