John Woodard Joins SRJ Marketing Communications

Contact: Steven R. Jolly

Date: December 21, 2004

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


For Immediate Release

John Woodard Joins SRJ Marketing Communications

As Dallas-based marketing firm SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC has continued to see its client roster grow, principal Steve Jolly announced the addition of John Woodard in the Client Services and New Business Development position.

Woodard will work to add to the already impressive client list of the successful Dallas-based marketing firm, while Jolly will focus his attention on strategic marketing solutions for clients.

“We are dedicated to maintaining our strong commitment to client relations,” explains Jolly. “John’s background and ability to begin and maintain relationships will be invaluable in this position. He will add to the dynamic, fun, productive atmosphere in our office and his experience will enhance the already high level of service we provide.”

Woodard’s skill in creating new business relationships will be a valuable asset to SRJ Marketing Communications as its client base grows. “I am looking forward to being able to serve SRJ and its clients in this capacity,” Woodard noted. “I excel in a high energy environment like SRJ, and I am looking forward to adding to the already impressive roster of clients.”

“SRJ is passionate about creating exciting campaigns, delivering product on time and exceeding customer expectations, ” says Jolly. “With John making new contacts and opening new business opportunities, I will be able to deepen and expand our existing relationships.”

Woodard’s responsibilities will include new business development and new market exploration, capitalizing on existing vertical markets for SRJ that include healthcare, high-tech, not-for-profit organizations and manufacturing. He will also open up new vertical markets such as commercial building construction, hospitality and real estate.

“SRJ’s quality work and creative output will certainly make the task of meeting my new business development goals that much easier,” Woodard explains. “I have a proven track record of improving and expanding the companies for which I have worked. I look forward to doing the same at SRJ.”

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