Embrace Diversity

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, and people from all walks of life were celebrating an amazing day in our neighbor to the south’s history.  Cinco de Mayo commemorates the victory of a small army of Mexican soldiers over a much larger French force in the state of Puebla.   Cinco de Mayo is more than that to many people though.  It is a day to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage.

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo always brings me a renewed gratitude and respect for the diversity of the country and city that we call home.  America is made up of all walks of life, and it has always taken a combination of different types people to make this country what it is today.

It has gotten me thinking.  Just as it takes a diverse group of people to make up a great country, the same can be said for great marketing.  When formulating a marketing plan, especially in the globalized world we are in today, you must always remember to diversify your marketing tactics.

Too many times, businesses fall in love with one tactic or the other and fail to look at the big picture.  The most successful marketing campaigns utilize several integrated tactics to form a robust campaign that can reach audiences from all angles. 

You may think that you are targeting a very specific demographic with your message, and that you can do so with one tactic, but that is often not the case.  Just because you feel that your targeted demographic isn’t diverse, doesn’t mean that they don’t receive messages in a different way.  While an outdoor ad may stimulate one segment of your target audience, a Facebook ad may do the same for the others.

The key is to go into your campaign with a specific, measurable goal and to spend time researching how your target market communicates.   Only after you have formulated a well-researched plan can you effectively diversify your tactics and reach your audience from different angles.

Of course, if you would like some help with formulating and implementing a plan, or diversifying and integrating your tactics, I am always available for a free consultation.  Visit www.srj.net to learn more.