DVD Produced by SRJ Marketing Communications Sells Healthcare Staffing in Dynamic Format

Contact: Steven R. Jolly

Date: April 5, 2005

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775

E-mail: steve@srj.net

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DVD Produced by SRJ Marketing Communications Sells Healthcare Staffing in Dynamic Format

SRJ Marketing Communications, building on the marketing plan formulated for healthcare staffing leader Southwest Medical Associates, recently produced an introductory DVD for distribution to hospital administrators throughout the Southwest.

“To celebrate Southwest Medical Associates’ 25th Anniversary,” says Steve Jolly, SRJ Principal, “we wanted to create a unique and informative piece that would stand out and convey the history of the company.”

The resulting DVD presentation features live on-camera commentary by Southwest Medical President Grant Douglass. Animated Flash sequences were created to illustrate other voiceover history and company information sections. The end product is a compelling marketing tool that can be used for years to come.

SRJ wrote the piece with use beyond the 25th Anniversary year in mind. “We wanted Southwest Medical to be able to use this exciting marketing tool well into the future,” says Jolly. “We knew it would be a valuable asset to their ongoing corporate image building efforts.”

Southwest Medical Associates is a well-established emergency room staffing company in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, with a focus on the rural market. The company has been in business since 1980 and recently began looking forward to 2005, and ways to commemorate their 25th anniversary. The DVD project highlights the history of the company as it moved 25 years ago from Dallas to Rockport Texas and grew from one client hospital to 55 throughout Texas and the Southwest.

Jolly shares Southwest Medical’s long history in rural healthcare. He began his marketing career 25 years ago, and began particular focus on the unique needs of rural healthcare 15 years ago. Appropriately for this project, Jolly’s career began in video production. Since that time, his agency has grown to include a variety of clients while maintaining a core base in the rural healthcare market.

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