Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau Retains SRJ

Contact: Armando R. Gonzalez
Date: December 1, 2008
Telephone No: 214-528-5775
E-mail: publicrelations@srj.net

For Immediate Release

Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau RetainsSRJ

For the fifth consecutive year, SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC (www.srj.net) has been chosen by the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau continue an integrated marketing communications campaign targeting the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. The integrated campaign utilizes traditional and new media and emerging technologies to invite travelers and residents to enjoy Dallas as progressive and GLBT-friendly city.

Building on the success of the “Try Dallas on for Size!” campaign, which launched in April 2008, the campaign will continue through 2009 with a strong public relations program that continues relationships with top-tier media through the distribution of news releases and community outreach. SRJ will further enhance the micro site (www.glbtdallas.com) to become an even more valuable resource to both travelers and residents alike. In addition, SRJ will continue a powerful search engine optimization program and increase the number of unique visits to the site through promotions.

In addition, a digital public relations program will be implemented that leverages social media to connect with target markets through online communities. This technology provides a measurable means of increasing brand recognition, generating traffic to the micro site while developing a viral effect through third-party endorsements.

“We are proud to represent Dallas’ LGBT community for the fifth consecutive year,” said Steven R. Jolly, principal of SRJ Marketing Communications. “This year we are excited to see the exponential value of digital public relations. Social media is a great way to inspire two-way conversations with consumers, clients and other target markets. Today it’s all about listening to our publics and establishing meaningful relationships with them.”

For more information about integrated marketing communications initiatives for niche markets, contact SRJ Marketing communications at 214-528-5775 or visit www.srj.net.

About SRJ Marketing Communications
SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC is a full service national marketing communications agency that focuses on strategic marketing, advertising, and public relations, interactive media and Web development. SRJ also specializes in leveraging social media to develop integrated social networking campaigns. Founded in 1989 by Steven R. Jolly, the Dallas-based agency also has a presence in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. under The Precise Agency by SRJ brand. For more information, please visit www.srj.net.