Commercial Real Estate Web Site Developed for Bates & Myers Company

Contact: Armando Gonzalez

Date: June 2, 2008

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


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Commercial Real Estate Web Site Developed for Bates & Myers Company

SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC ( has launched a new Web site for Bates & Myers Company (, a real estate firm that specializes in the selling, leasing and management of industrial and commercial real estate in North Texas.

Designed to strengthen the company’s brand and offer a more dynamic user experience, SRJ developed a new Web site for the Bates & Myers Company. This user-friendly site offers a simple navigation structure, and a host of advanced features, including a comprehensive property listings system.

The property listings content management system allows authorized Bates & Myers personnel to instantly update property inventory, complete with images and specs of properties. The listings system also displays a contact form for each property on the Web site, allowing visitors to directly contact the broker on record for more information.

Utilizing printer friendly links, users can also print individual listings or the company’s entire inventory. The new system also has the capability to dynamically display featured properties on the home page.

“The customizedproperty listings feature is a great tool for companies like Bates & Myers,” said Steve Jolly, founder and CEO of SRJ Marketing Communications. “Not only does it offer Web site visitors an easy way to contact the broker for a particular listing, but it also helps generate leads for Bates & Myers.”

Brokers and agents can also benefit from the new features of the site. A program was developed that pulls a detailed list of properties from the database anddynamically creates an inventory page that is formatted for printing. This feature allows visitors to easily print a complete list of properties for usewhile in the field.

For more information on functional Web sites for your business, contact SRJ at 214-528-5775.

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