Aircraft Engine and Accessories Refines Their Image with SRJ

Contact: Steven R. Jolly

Date: November 8, 2004

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


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Aircraft Engine and Accessories Refines Their Image with SRJ

Aircraft Engine and Accessories (AEA), a Dallas-based aircraft engine and machine cleaning and repair workshop, recently turned to SRJ Marketing Communications to develop consistent branded materials – including a focused business strategy, a Web site and collateral material.

While the company had been a successful leader in the aircraft parts and accessory cleaning and repair industry for over 50 years, AEA realized that they needed to focus on the bigger picture of continued growth with strategic goals.

“We sat down with the management team and over a series of focused strategic meetings determined where they wanted the company to go and how they were going about getting there currently,” explains SRJ owner Steve Jolly. “Then we created a strategic plan that would lead them to their goals while managing the ongoing growth of the company.”

Using SRJ’s new strategic plan, AEA will be able to find ways to manage its employees more effectively, increase sales, and manage upcoming projects such as expanding their office space and installing a new data management system while maintaining the position they had established as a leader in their field.

“Our creative, strategic approach to creating business and marketing plans will pay off,” says Jolly. “SRJ’s comprehensive plan will allow AEA to maximize their business strategy and continue to grow their business.”

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