Your Community, Your Business: Building Your Presence

It’s your community, your employees, and your neighbors. Not only will you help foster a company with good moral and positive employees but also your customers will take a step back and recognize the type of business and commitments you have.

It comes down to building trust that will lead to repeat business. If you’re a company they can trust do the right thing in the community for nonprofit events they’ll have high expatiations for your customer service.

There are many different events you can get involved in your community. Sponsoring a local event such as a summer parade or a nonprofit fair is a great way to get publicity. More than publicity though through these events your will continuously shape your image in a positive way.

How can you get involved in community events?
Look in community boards and keep up with your local nonprofit contacts and their websites. Putting in a call to one of your local charities will yield you great results. Often you’ll then get put on the list of companies to contact for future events. This is great because before you even get to the event you’ve furthered your publicity through the nonprofits.

Identify community expos, fairs, and events.
It’s likely that there are several great sponsoring possibilities out there for you. Finding the event that fits your company’s focus is the trickiest part. So how do you choose? First and foremost: find your voice. Community involvement isn’t about your audience as it so much as it about the type of company you want to be.

  • Local chamber of commerce organizations
    Getting involved with your chamber of commerce organization is a great way to start building relationships with your community’s businesses. Being part of an initiative to develop business opportunities in your community will also leave a big impact on your audience.
  • School and community sports teams
    Start a sponsorship of school or community sports team. We all love sports or know someone who does and a little support can go a long way. All the local sports teams already sponsored? Look a little deeper. Ask your employees or neighbors if they know of any non-traditional sport teams that are looking for help to get started.
  • Trade shows & Conventions
    Sponsoring trade shows or conventions are a great way to show what your community has to offer and will attract outside companies to your community.

Remember participation always equals awareness. Being involved in the community is more than company-sponsored events. Striving to encourage employees to get involved with volunteer work should also remain a high priority.

It’s your community and your business so start building the trust and promote your business by supporting your community.