What needs go from the size of a building to a postage stamp? Your Logo!

At every step or touch-point throughout your customer’s experience with you, from prospecting until billing/payment/checkout, your logo is an ever present visual cue.

I have seen organizations take great care when developing a logo; from understanding how the consumer reacts to the visual, meticulous decisions made about color and font, to ensuring the feel of the logo matches the brand identity of the organization. But what is often observed in large and small businesses is how little attention is given to how the logo will appear in practical applications.

As the visual representation of your brand, consider why the practical application of your logo is important. It is going to be at big community events on large banners. And, it will be in the midst of other logos reduced in size on sponsorship sheets. You may even have it on thumb drives and pens. In all instances your logo must retain the ability be recognizable and legible.

Think for moment about some of logos you have come into contact with throughout your life. For example consider the Nike Swoosh, Apple, Chevy and Target. At any size, in color or black and white, and in any environment these logos retain their visual identity.

A simple way to see how your logo fairs is to  take a sheet of letterhead and make copies of it until your logo is small enough to fit on a pen, and large enough to fill the paper. Does it in all instances remain:

  • Crisp
  • Legible
  • Identifiable (as solely being yours)

If so, then it passes. But if it’s hard to see, it will just be visual noise to the consumer and be ignored. In this case it is time to review why it doesn’t work and what it would take to make it work. It could be just a design alteration, or it could be time to review your logo entirely. You have a lot vested in your logo, it is key that your logo properly represents you wherever it ends up.

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