What kind of service are you providing?

A company is only as good as the products and services they provide. Quality customer service is a vital key to a healthy, successful business. Customer service directly affects the client’s perception and ultimate relationship with a business.

I cannot begin to tell you about the importance for management to provide their team with the necessary customer service skills when working directly with clients. You would think it should be a given!

Even though your company may deliver quality services and/or products, without effective customer service training, team members run the risk of damaging a good name with poor customer service. Customer service is an experience that a client or potential client will take with them and remember well beyond the product or services purchased.

So what is stopping you? Customer service training is one of the many tactics you can implement to survive tough times. People respond favorability when they are treated well and know that you are glad to assist them. Incorporating social skills training in your business can only improve your company’s profitability and overall customer satisfaction.

As you begin planning for a new calendar or fiscal year, take a look at your budget and marketing communications strategy. If customer service training, or re-training for that matter, is not included as part of your plan, then you may want to consider adding it. You’ll be surprised at the impact better customer service can make on both the customer and your team.

Does anybody watch that CBS show “Undercover Boss”? I won’t get into the details about the show, but I recall one episode where the CEO of a company was shocked to see how his team was speaking to customers. What was the alleged reason for the behavior? “Lack of training,” said the employee.

Whenever faced with the challenge of how to incorporate new training, it is always best to talk with professionals who know how to leverage it into your overall employee-training program. Investing in your employees by providing them with the skills they needs not only improves your company’s image to the public, but also improves company morale by showing your employees that they do matter and can make a difference.

There are many approaches to customer service training, and the corporate culture of your organization could direct the best approach to training. Just a little something, something to keep in mind…