Utilize Twitter for Marketing Needs

In the past year, the total number of users increased 1,000 percent, leading to today’s tally of around 15 million total users. Every month, Twitter enjoys somewhere around 14 million visitors a month. So how can we, as marketers, or you, as a business owner, harness this phenomenon?

There are several different ways Twitter can be leveraged to increase client exposure and improve the bottom line of any business. For companies whom already have implemented a blogging strategy, Twitter can be incorporated to further lengthen the reach of this strategy by introducing another channel of communication to customers. This also proves useful for businesses such as retailers and web-based companies to announce upcoming and last-minute sales and discounts. For example, if Amazon.com is having trouble selling a particular book, they can declare a price reduction to potential buyers via Twitter.

Perhaps the best thing Twitter offers a client is increased exposure generated by up-to-the-minute tweets. The NBA has recently enjoyed a great deal of publicity about its players’ use of Twitter to communicate with fans. This is sure to entice curious Twitter users around the world to investigate your company or organization. This buzz can be used by businesses to alert a loyal base on Twitter about the latest breaking news concerning upcoming events or current happenings in your business.

Inherently programmed into the idea of integrated social networking and Twitter itself is the power of personal branding. Twitter allows millions of users to create the public image of their choice, expressing their unique personalities through individual likes and dislikes. This creative medium serves the same purpose for a business by constructing a forum for a company or organization to express their personal brand and tell the public who they are and what they are all about.  Twitter has grown into a social media trend too big for marketers to ignore. Let us incorporate Twitter into the rest of your integrated social networking strategy to bring new levels of interest to your business.

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