Updating Your Online Display Case

When was the last time you visited your business’ website? Unless you’re taking a break from the Web, your answer should be within the last week. Now, ask an employee when they last time they visited your business’ website. If your employees haven’t been frequenting your site much, it might be time for an update!

If you and your employees aren’t making use of your website, your customers are likely not either. Finding out how you can change that is easy. Compare your website to those in your industry and take a look at these simple ideas.

Old Content
Your website is the entrance to your business online. You wouldn’t like the entrance of your business to remain unchanged for a year would you? Checking for out-of-date content on your homepage and replacing it with its current counterpart is the first step to cleaning up.

Information Update
Think about your new products. Can you make a video or create a page of information on each product? Have new employees you would love to show off?

Update your employee page with a biography and picture of each employee. Clients may often come to check out a representative so you want to have that information readily available.

Dynamic Content
Having dynamic content will help you expand the content on your website and keep visitors coming back. It will also help improve your page rank on search engines to help prospects find your website.

The key here is quality and scheduled updating. If for example you fail to update your blog regularly your website will appear dead and traffic will begin to drop.

What can I add?
Showcase your expertise with insights to your industry through blogs and news feeds. You may even find yourself with a sort of in-house journalist, interviewing your employees on their daily work in their department. This will make great content for both your employees and customers.

Announce new products through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites are great to link on your website because they are checked often and appear in peoples feeds. With the ease of updating on these sites you can inform people on your new product or service before it’s even out the door.

Share what your business is currently working on or is planning on looking into. If you’ve seen a pattern in sales it’s likely relevant to other customers as well. Inform them by giving an update on how successful you’ve been in a particular area. It might spark their interest.

Is your content mobile-friendly?
I’ve seen a lot change since my I first got in the industry and going mobile is one of the greatest changes to date. Now users can use many different platforms from mobile browsers like Google Chrome and news apps such as Pulse to get their information.

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly may mean getting rid of your Flash-based website, but that’s okay. Flash also isn’t very SEO-friendly, so switching to a non-flash site will be beneficial in the long run.