Three Mistakes in Marketing Your Hospital

Marketing your hospital should always be seen as an investment in the growth of your facility. Now, I say that unless you are not doing it right, where it might then be a waste of valuable human and financial resources.

Marketing is a skill and a profession. To be effective, you must be strategic in your approach and know what you want to achieve. Too often, small hospitals get by without a clear direction, leading to disappointment and frustration down the road.

Isn’t it about time you overhaul your approach to marketing communications? While there are virtually endless mistakes one can make in marketing your hospital, three quick ones come to mind.

Not having a strategic marketing communications plan.

Too often, small hospitals have a reactive approach to marketing their hospital. This type of haphazard marketing is often expensive, not measurable, and ineffective. A strategic marketing plan can help you look ahead and utilize marketing tactics to achieve your hospital’s goals.

By planning appropriately, you can potentially reduce your spending and utilize your budget more wisely, clearly identify profit centers and capitalize on them via marketing, and improve overall communication with your stakeholders.

Having an outdated website.

In today’s world, your website is potentially more important than a printed brochure. For many, it’s the first touch point a patient may have with your facility. Don’t let an outdated website reflect badly on your hospital.

A blend of design, content, and appropriate use of technology can serve your hospital well. Your new website can resolve missed opportunities by promoting programs and services, upcoming events, and a way to educate the community on your capabilities. You website might also be tool to increase timely payments from patients through an online payment system.

Not living up to expectations.

If your team cannot provide superior customer service and provide your patients with a positive experience, then word-of-mouth will get the best of you. A single bad experience can ruin your chance at gaining repeat business from that patient—and potentially their friends and family members!

An ongoing customer service training program can help keep patient satisfaction top-of-mind… and reimbursement dollars coming in.

Don’t let your facility waste another dollar on ineffective marketing. Most importantly, don’t miss out on another opportunity to grow your facility. Connect with us today to learn how a powerful marketing communications program can benefit your hospital and help you achieve set goals.