Start-up, Travel Companions, selects SRJ Marketing Communications as Agency of Record

Dallas-based marketing agency to launch start-up into the market place.

DALLAS (Dec. 3, 2013) – Travel Companions ( has selected SRJ Marketing Communications to assist in launching the start-up into the market place with a full-service marketing communications program.

Focused on helping seniors with their travel needs, Travel Companions provides specially-trained professionals who accompany seniors on their trip and provide necessary travel and support assistance. This service is especially important for those who have mobility challenges and do not have family members or loved ones to help them reach their destination.

“As we age, traveling can sometimes become more of a challenge. In the event that a loved one, or possibly yourself, requires assistance in reaching a destination, Travel Companions should be your trusted resource,” said Steven R. Jolly, principal of SRJ. “We’re tasked with crafting a marketing strategy and message that will resonate with target audiences.”

SRJ has been tasked to assist the Irving, Texas-based start-up by delivering a range of marketing services, including a strategy that will guide the launch of the company into the market place. The program is scheduled to begin with a corporate identity program that will include a new logo, business stationery, and company brochure. A new basic website will follow to establish an online presence for Travel Companions.

“The World Wide Web is one of the first places of opportunity for many start-ups as that is often the first medium by which potential customers will locate your business,” Jolly explained. “I often remind our clients that despite the advantages of the Web, an integrated approach is typically most effective. That means combining other tactics such as advertising (whether it be traditional or digital), public relations, and sales strategies.”

An integrated marketing communications program is crucial to conveying the message of your business. To learn more about how SRJ Marketing Communications can help your start-up business, please call 214-528-5775.

About SRJ Marketing Communications
SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC is a full service national marketing communications agency that focuses on strategic marketing, advertising, and public relations; with a special emphasis in leadership development in the area of customer service/guest relations. Founded in 1989 by Steven R. Jolly, the Dallas-based agency also has divisions in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and Spokane, Wash. For more information, please visit or call 214-528-5775.