SRJ Marketing Professionals Speak to Nonprofits about Utilizing Social Media

Contact: Armando R. Gonzalez

Date: July 6, 2010

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


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SRJ Marketing Professionals Speak to Nonprofits about Utilizing Social Media

Steven R. Jolly, principal of Dallas-based SRJ Marketing Communications, and senior account executive Armando Gonzalez spoke to an audience comprised of nonprofit organizations in Dallas on July 6, 2010. The engagement was hosted by the Sammons Center for the Arts in Dallas.

“I have been in this business for 30 years now, and have seen a lot of trends and advances in the way we market brands,” said Jolly. “I have not seen anything take hold and become as big of a phenomenon as with social media and the way it has altered the communication landscape. It really is a great way to reach out and start a conversation with your target audience.”

The presentation featured in-depth slides presented by Jolly and Gonzalez with references to articles, case studies and videos that showed how to utilize social media to reach a target audience and further demonstrated the effectiveness of integrating social media into a nonprofit organization’s marketing communications strategy.

“Social media marketing has a lot to do with impressions and top-of-mind awareness,” said Gonzalez. “I simply used examples of specific businesses that have done an excellent job through social media of staying active in my mind, even when I was not interested in the products at the time.”

After the presentation, Jolly and Gonzalez opened the floor up to a question and answers session for the various organizations. The Q&A helped representatives of the organizations to clarify tactics related to their current practice.

“Social media is on marketers’ minds right now, and rightfully so,” said Jolly. “I believe we were able to get our point across in this presentation and that while social media marketing is an important tactic, it’s just another tool in the marketer’s toolbox.”

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