SRJ Marketing Communications Celebrates Landmark Year

Contact: Steven R. Jolly

Date: January 10, 2005

Telephone No.: 214-528-5775


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SRJ Marketing Communications Celebrates Landmark Year

SRJ Marketing Communications, a full service advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in Dallas, announced the observance of several landmark anniversaries in 2005.

“I started my marketing career in 1980,” says SRJ principal Steve Jolly. “In 1990, I started SRJ Marketing Communications; and in 1995 we designed and programmed our first website. The company is now observing my 25 years in the industry, 15 years in business and 10 years since the first Web site went up.”

The significance of these numbers of course is the depth of experience, the longevity of the company and the early-entry into the then-nascent Internet market. Few marketing agencies can point to comparable numbers.

Over the years, Jolly has used his decades of experience to create comprehensive marketing plans for his clients, offering complete solutions that incorporate advertising, public relations, logo design, collateral material and customer service training. While the techniques may change, the one thing that remains constant is the company’s dedication to unparalleled client service.

“Not to date myself, but when I first began working in the industry, we were still dealing with blue lines on paper and paste-up the proofs to create any printed materials,” says Jolly. “I have seen many changes, and pride myself on keeping up with the cutting edge every step of the way. We will always offer the best solution to our clients. Sometimes that involves pushing the envelope a little bit.”

When Jolly began SRJ Marketing Communications in 1989, computers had become commonplace but not ubiquitous. When the company designed its first Web site five years later in 1994, the Web was just beginning to gain a foothold. In the ensuing decade, that would change as well. Even at that early stage in Web development, his team realized the value of this new technology as a marketing tool. Over the years, the Web site would become an indispensable component in any marketing campaign.

SRJ Marketing Communications has created hundreds of websites for its clients. They range from simple online “brochures” to interactive catalogs of products and services. They have even designed the occasional online interactive game for a client or two.

“I believe our experience, history and knowledge of the latest marketing tools has been the foundation of the company’s success,” explains Jolly. “While the delivery mechanism may change, the basis of what we do is the same day in-day out: comprehensive marketing solutions delivered with a focus on exceptional client service.”

About SRJ Marketing Communications

SRJ Marketing Communications, LLC is a full-service national marketing communications agency that focuses on strategic marketing, advertising, and public relations, with significant experience in interactive media and Web development. Founded in 1989 by Steven R. Jolly, the Dallas-based agency also has a division in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. For more information, please visit