SRJ Marketing Communications Celebrates 20 Years

As a business owner or decision maker, you are bombarded with marketing-related offers, bargains and promises all the time. What makes SRJ Marketing Communications different than the rest? It’s all in the numbers: 30, 20 and 10. Allow me to explain.


In 2010, I’m celebrating 30 years in the marketing communications industry. This milestone represents three decades of experience in advertising, marketing and public relations.

Malcolm Gladwell once said that it takes about 10,000 hours of training and work to become a master at something. He said this theory applied to any field, whether it was learning to become a master violinist or a master surgeon.

Thirty years puts me well over the 10,000 hour mark; and it is through this experience I’ve learned that there is no one right answer to a marketing obstacle. Each client is different, each audience special. Understanding each specific goal is the vital concept that has lead to my business success.


Ten years into my career, I made one of the riskiest and wisest decisions of my life; I began SRJ Marketing Communications. Since its inception, I have watched it grow and become a company that I am proud to have started.

The team members of SRJ, who many of you are familiar with, are truly the heartbeat of the organization. They keep our ideas fresh and our services consistent. Our constant innovation, teamwork and commitment to our clients has made even the worst of economic times manageable, and we are poised for a successful 2010.


Now don’t get me wrong, 2009 was indeed a challenging year. We faced the worst financial recession since 1933. This brings me to my last point; a chance for a clean slate in the brand new decade they are calling twenty-ten. If in 2009 we hit the bottom, it can only mean we are going to reach back up in 2010. Finding this kind of success can only be done with experience and a commitment to marketing. Trust me—I wouldn’t have been doing this for 30 years if marketing didn’t work.