SRJ Launches New Website for Scott Exteriors

New Web presence will help the family-owned business
communicate with clients and prospects.

DALLAS (December 7, 2010) – SRJ Marketing Communications ( has recently launched a new Web presence for Scott Exteriors that features the company’s new branding elements.  The new website is also designed to help position the business as the premier resource for roofing, siding, and windows in North Texas.

“We’re very excited to help Scott Exteriors realize the potential of the Internet in generating new referrals and leads for the company,” said Steven R. Jolly, principal of Dallas-based SRJ. “The new website will help them accomplish just that.”

Websites today are often the first impression your target audience has with your brand, so having a complete website with critical information about your business is key to a successful presence on the Web.

The Scott Exteriors presence on the Web includes their main website ( and two microsites that are designed specifically for their roofing ( and window ( services.  The microsites will set the foundation for the search engine optimization (SEO) program that will be implemented in the future.

According to Jolly, linking the Scott Exteriors Web site to two micro sites will help establish and strengthen an understanding of both roofing and windows portion of their business and help prospect better find the company when searching for specific keywords based on their needs.

“SEO programs are an important component of Internet marketing,” said Jolly. “With so many websites being indexed  by search engines, it’s important to do what you can to make sure your website gets ranked as high as possible.”

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