Social Media Tips for Hospitals in 2017

Do you feel that your social media accounts are in a funk? If you’re seeing engagements plateau and are struggling to get new followers, you aren’t alone.

It’s easy to get up and running on social media platforms, but steady growth isn’t always easy to maintain. After a certain point, you may see your numbers decrease, but a little creative thinking can help you get back in the groove. Here are a few tips to shake up your these accounts.

Think visually

Studies show that people are more likely to pay attention to a post accompanied by an image. Consider ways to relate information beyond a simple text. What kinds of graphics can you use to communicate your message? Because platforms like Facebook and Twitter add more robust tools, we are finding opportunities for sharing more engaging and creative content.

Sharing photos of events and the hospital are also great ways to get people’s attention. People use social media because they want content that feels personal. When hospitals share images that show the human faces in their facilities, they will make a great impression on their audiences. Don’t fear the camera!

Reach the right audience

Rural hospitals are at the heart of the community. Don’t worry so much about how the big brands are marketing their images. They are often trying to reach a regional audience, and some of their tactics simply don’t apply to rural hospitals. Use local lingo to engage the people in your community. Think of how you can communicate your hospital’s value.

Respond to messages and comments

The secret to social media is being social. Hospitals that are quick to respond help people feel valued. Staying positive and offering helpful responses to inquiries are great ways to let users know you care. Too many hospitals treat social media like just another advertising platform, but people expect more. Being able to deliver on that expectation will set you up for success.

Constant content

Don’t let your social media page grow stale. Keep your audience up to date with fresh content. Social media provide great platforms for sharing information as well as an opportunity for healthcare providers to give their audiences information about topical issues such as vaccinations, accident prevention and healthy living. As an authority on health, your hospital can provide a valuable service to your community just by sharing information.

Make social media a priority in your marketing plan

Social media should be viewed like any other part of your marketing strategy. Use your team meetings to use your Facebook page to share what is happening at your facility. Having an idea of what you want to achieve and how people will react will help you plan your social media plan for the week, month and year.

Keep a list of upcoming events and promotions so that you can time your posts to promote them. Talk to others at the hospital and in your community so that you will have a clear understanding of when items should go online.

Social media are inexpensive marketing tools, but building a working strategy takes time and dedication. A thoughtful social media strategy will help keep your healthcare facility engaged in the local community and will augment your marketing strategy.

If you find yourself struggling to make time for social media or would like help developing a more-effective strategy, talk to SRJ. Our team works with small hospitals to develop social media strategies that engage the right audiences. Call 214-528-5775 for a free consultation.