Social Media—Now More Than Ever

Social media has quickly become an important tool for business’ to communicate with consumers and position themselves in the marketplace. You don’t have to take my word for it, follow the money. In a recent study by Forrester Research, over half of global marketers will increase their spending on social media. That is saying a lot when you consider the current economic climate.

Social media is allowing businesses to market themselves in a cost-effective and unique way. One way that they are doing this is by having professionally-created Facebook profiles and fan pages. Facebook has made this even more effective with their recent redesign.

Although some users may not be used to the new look, it has vastly improved the visibility of companies who choose to post information to the site. The technology blog Mashable has recently reported a 75 percent increase in site traffic since the new interface was implemented. One reason for this is because they have been actively updating and posting new information to their Facebook profile, which is key to making social media work for you.

One of the key changes Facebook has made is to the way the home page reveals updates. It is more real-time, in the vein of Twitter, and is moving toward a more multimedia approach to sharing information. It is easier than ever to grab the attention of users and redirect them to your site.

Are you venturing into the world of social media? Do you think you have a social media presence? If you are involved in the vast world of social media, it’s important to make sure that you are doing it right. The old adage “Bad publicity is better than no publicity” no longer applies. In the vast online marketplace of user-generated content and reviews, it’s imperative to have message consistency and relevance.

If all of this becomes too much to handle, and for many, it is, the best solution is to speak with a professional who is an expert in this area. For more information on how you can begin to leverage social media to increase your bottom line results, call me, Steven R. Jolly, principal of SRJ Marketing Communication today to set up a consultation, or visit us at

Remember–exposure = awareness= sales.