Reflecting on the Holiday

All across America, friends and families are celebrating Memorial Day today.  The weather is getting warmer, summer is fast approaching and many take this weekend as an opportunity to relax by the pool or lake and fire up the barbecue.

I simply want to take this time to recognize the true reason we celebrate this holiday.  Memorial Day was declared as an official holiday in 1971, and has been unofficially observed in some form or fashion since as far back as 1866.  It is a day for our country, as a whole, to honor those who have fought and lost their lives making this country what it is today. 

It is often easy to forget the true reason why we celebrate certain days.  Many times, we get caught up in the thought of a day off from our busy lives that we forget to observe the meaning of the day.  I ask you take some time this holiday to reflect on your love for the freedoms and privileges our country affords us.  Regardless of your situation, if you are reading this blog, you no doubt have it better than a majority of those in this world.  Each person that is lucky enough to call America home, would be doing a great disservice to those who have fallen while protecting the ideals that this country was founded upon if they didn’t take some time to reflect and remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

So while you are having a good time today, take a moment to say thank you in some way or another to those who have given their life for you to enjoy whatever it is that you choose to do on this holiday.  Be safe, be careful and have fun.