Pinterest: Getting Your Image Out There

I recently wrote an article about the benefits of using Pinterest and the approach that should be taken to the platform.

For those of you who are just getting started on Pinterest, or even if you’re actively on the social network now, I’ve come up with a few tips to help make Pinterest a successful part of your social media strategy.

  1. Find your target audience.
    Pinterest does have a wide female population whose pinboards include things such as fashion, photography, art, design, living, and recipes. If your company fits in one of these categories then Pinterest is likely a match for you. Take a look around on the popular page and see what the current trend is.
  2. Create your own pinboards.
    This is the most important step because this is where you get your products or services out there to your audience. Create boards that are uncluttered and easy to look through. Your posts should have a simple title and link to your website, you don’t want to have a lot text since this is not the platform for that. Also think about having an idea or future projects themed board from other people websites or pinboards that could be ideas for a future project for you. That way you’re getting into what Pinterest is about and will find users will be able to personalize with you more. Otherwise users may see you as too self-serving.
  3. Connect your Pinterest account with other platforms.
    Having promotions of your Pinterest account through your website, store, or other social media will boost traffic to your account. You find you have a large following from one particular platform so use that to generate traffic to your Pinterest account.
  4. Have unique content on Pinterest.
    Posting new content that hasn’t been seen yet by your audience on your Pinterest account will keep users coming back. Whether it’s a new themed board for your account which you are introducing a new line of products through or just one new product you’ll find user’s have more reason to circulate your post around Pinterest as well.
  5. Pin other company’s products.
    While you should be careful not to pin a direct competitor’s product you may find the results interesting of pinning other companies’ products that interest you. As well as helping define your brand you may create new relationships with someone in your field that you have always wanted to work with.

By showing the process or pieces that make up your product or service, your Pinterest audience will be able to see what your business is really about. You’ll be able to define your brand visually for your audience, and all you need to do is to start pinning. Remember exposure=awareness=sales.