Online Video Marketing

Websites were once the pinnacle and center of Internet marketing strategies; but as Web 2.0 changes the way we communicate online, websites have taken second place to new and engaging elements such as online social networks and most importantly—online video.

Today’s Web users no longer spend time reading content-heavy websites.  They skim content for key items and move on to the next topic.  Imagine if you could capture their attention for more than 20 seconds with a compelling message—you’ll create an impression.

We live in a visual culture—one that is making the jump online, so it’s no wonder that YouTube is now the second most popular search engine behind Google. YouTube and embedded videos can be powerful tools in your marketing portfolio.

With online video, you can increase engagement and interactivity with potential customers and clients.  The possibilities for the types of messages you can convey through video are endless, including:

  • Introductions
  • Testimonials
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Reviews
  • Sales Pitches
  • And more!

SRJ Marketing Communications is pleased to work Eyecon Video Productions to create powerful marketing videos that helps you achieve your business goals and capture your target audience like never before.

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