Online Video for Dummies

Online video is an easy, inexpensive and fun way to create awareness for your business. YouTube, created back in 2005, is now the second largest search engine and the largest “station” in the world. If you’re not on board with this emerging media, video camera and story board in-hand, you’re missing out on a potentially enormous return on investment.

That said, the team at SRJ Marketing Communications brainstormed and has some tips to get you started.

Keep it short. These days people have the attention span of squirrels. Unless a hungry squirrel sees a nut or acorn to munch on, you’d be hard-pressed to get it to focus much longer than a few seconds. By keeping your clip short and catchy you can grab your audiences’ attention, wet their appetite, and then they’ll focus on what your company really has to offer.

Keep it entertaining.  The “sharing” power of social media has given the phrase, “laughter is contagious” a whole new, larger-than-life meaning. These days, if you think something’s funny, you don’t call all your friends and tell them about it; you click on an icon and it automatically updates everyone you know. Think of it like this, for everyone person you can make giggle, another 3 or 4 people will be exposed to your business.

Here’s the last tip for today, and I think you’re going to like it:

Don’t spend a fortune. Lighting and fancy video equipment aren’t as important with online media viewers. This is mainly because people expectations on quality when viewing clips on the Internet are significantly lower than when watching television or a movie. So instead of reaching into your wallet or purse to produce a high quality commercial, focus your time and resources on a creative idea that will grab your audience’s attention.

So go buy one of those ridiculously affordable, compact video cameras and get started on your company’s online video! If you need help with idea generation, give us a call at 214-528-5775. Be sure to keep these tips in mind, and stay tuned for more advice from SRJ Marketing Communications.