Online Ads-It’s not always about the clicks!

If you are reading this blog, you are more than likely involved in the ever-evolving world of online marketing and advertising.  You are familiar with clicks, impressions, banner ads, etc.  You are also probably a marketing professional, business owner, or at the very least, interested in online marketing. 

For those of you that have ever taken part in an online advertising campaign, you are no doubt aware of the importance that is often placed on click-throughs.  Many times, this is the main measurement of whether or not a campaign or individual ad is causing action.  A new study has brought to light some interesting information that may change the weight placed on clicks.

According to a study by Forrester Consulting for iProspect, even though users are not clicking-through your ads, they may still be taking a significant action.  More than half of Internet users surveyed, 52 percent, said they respond in some way to display advertising.

Of the 52 percent, 31 percent make a direct response by actually clicking on the ad.  What makes this survey interesting is that almost the same amount of respondents say they take action when seeing a display ad by researching it through an online search function. Unless you have some magical way of knowing how many users are searching your company as result of your ad, 27 percent of responders take significant action, without you even knowing it!

This is why I love pay-per-click advertising.  You only pay for the direct responses, even though you may still be generating a large amount of traffic through search functions and other user actions.  This viewpoint doesn’t even take in the impressions that you get for free, which can often be an enormous number.

You simply can never know just how much exposure you are getting for your dollar, but with findings like this, and the obvious advantages you receive in impressions alone, it’s becoming quite obvious that display advertising is not only helpful, but also cost-effective.

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