Not sure what to blog about?

According to statistics, 58 percent of Internet users are expected to read blogs at least on a monthly basis by the end of 2013. With more than half of your online audience reading articles, it should be no surprise that keeping an up-to-date blog is a great way to increase your presence on the Web.

Staying on top of your blogging means you have to keep your content fresh. The challenge is making sure your blog is offering content readers value.

Web surfers seek useful content and will stick with a source if it continues to provide what interests them. That source of content needs to be you!

As the Web continues to become vital to business and sales, and users become savvier and more aware of the many options out there, the more important it is for you to attract your target audience.

So how do you get your readers to stick around and keep coming back?

Be a resource.
You know a lot about your business and industry. Share your knowledge with your stakeholders. Write articles are informational and provide insight into your industry. Explain processes, define terms, or provide tips that can their experience better.

Highlight testimonials.
Sometimes companies throw testimonials online without much background information. Sure, we know that Shirley Sample loved your services. One way to spice up your blog is to not only provide your customer’s feedback, but provide insight into their experience and tell a story of how they came to you and how you were able to help them out.

Provide company updates.
Announce new products or services and remind readers about sales and promotions. Your blog is a great way to highlight new information and updates at your business.

Feature team members.
A great way to personify your brand is to show the people who make your business possible. Highlight teams, departments, and individuals. You can easily explain who they are, what they do, how their role is important to the company, and why they like to work at your company.

Current news and hot trends.
Many industries experience hot trends and popular products. Stay abreast of what they are and write an article that explains what you’re seeing and provide advice that would benefit your customers and help them make the appropriate decision.

The most important thing to remember is that blogging is all about giving readers something valuable and useful. You don’t have a lot to lose by blogging, but you sure have a lot to gain if you do it right!

Updating your blog regularly will show you have a wealth of valuable information and give readers a reason to keep coming back for more.