Leadership Development in Hospitals

The best team members do not always make the best leaders—until they are provided with the resources to learn new skills. As with any frontrunner, the person needs to be trained and groomed to become an effective and motivating supervisor or director.

With the healthcare industry continuously evolving, hospital administration is always finding new ways to improve patient and employee morale. Leadership teams are a great way to spread critical news throughout the organization and motivate employees.

Needless to say, employees within hospitals are often promoted to new positions of responsibilities and leadership. This development path provides individuals with the prospect of having a career advancement opportunities and leads to long-term stability in the workforce. But, often without the appropriate training, they are often less than effective for months or even years.

Team leaders are crucial to the hospital’s success as they have the power to enact the changes the hospital needs to achieve goals.

Does your hospital have a leadership strategy in place?
Just as with any communications program, a strategy for leaders is important and helpful to underscore the overall goals of your organization. A leadership strategy should contain:

  • An understanding of the hospital’s goals
  • A plan for disseminating information to team members
  • A plan for leading, motivating, and rewarding team members
  • Performance measurements
  • Leadership development module

Does your facility have a process for promotion?
Going forward with new hires, talk about the prospect of growth within your organization. Throughout their tenure, assess their skillset and areas for improvement. If you begin to identify which team members have the potential for leadership positions, it’s helpful to begin working on closing the gap through education and a training plan.

Are you training your current leaders today?
Just because they have been with your hospital for many years does not mean they are fit for the position. If your current leaders have the skillset and ability to lead departments, it’s imperative that they undergo an ongoing training program that enhances their effectiveness.

Whether in the hospitality department, dietary services, nursing, or any other area of your hospital, a leadership development program is a critical component to improving patient satisfaction scores, operations and internal communication.

If you have not thought about how your hospital is supporting your leaders, then it might be time to consider how a program can help with your overall communications and human resources strategy. Call me at 214-528-5775 and I would be happy to discuss leadership development with you.