Knowing is half the battle…

Some of you might be familiar with the popular phrase in the mid-1980s from the cartoon G.I. Joe: “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.” Tying this back to healthcare industry is easy in regards to data.

CEOs, CFOs, board members, and other leaders love data. It gives them a quick synopsis on the areas being measured. The problem is, while measuring is important, it is only half the battle. Where many hospitals fall short is doing something with the data they receive.

Take for example the data measured in terms of patient satisfaction. Is your hospital doing anything to improve scores or address areas of concern?

Managers who study trends, and initiate strategies to instill positive change, are the successful ones. Creating a strategy does not have to fall on one’s shoulders. It’s an opportunity to involve your employees and provide team members with an opportunity to have say in what is changed.

When you see a trend developing, work with your leadership team to develop five to 10 ways you might be able to solve that problem. These tactics might provide perspective on the issue at hand and give your team a multi-faceted option to problem solving.

Working with your leadership team, pick one or two of the best ideas from the group and implement them. Remember to also find a way to monitor progress and report back on the change.

If you do not have a great leadership training program in your facility, now is the time to begin looking at how you can develop a team of effective leaders. These people can become a valuable asset in helping to initiate positive change in your workforce.

Knowing what is going on in your facility is only half the battle. Choosing what you do with the information at hand is where winners are grown.

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