Keeping Consistency a Priority

Customers like a consistent experience with companies. If they don’t get what they want from you, they’ll go somewhere else. Remaining consistent can not only save you a customer, but also time and headaches.

Remaining consistent in everything your do is going to place your company above the rest of the competition in the eyes of your stakeholders. I am a person who loves schedules and I try to abide by them whenever possible.

Below are four ways I try to keep consistency a priority in my business. I believe they are important and can benefit any organization.

Whether you’re sending email campaigns or just replying to customers, keeping a schedule is a good idea.

Do you have a certain day of the month you send out your newsletter? If not, make one so employees and customers can look forward to it.

Do customers know if they send an email to your company they’ll get a polite response, even on a Friday? We all get busy, and sometimes we don’t respond to messages quick enough. Sometimes, an email request might take days to complete.

It’s important to always reply to your customers, even if you don’t have an immediate answer, to let them know you saw their message and are working on it. They’ll appreciate it.

Your employees need consistency too. Planning a feedback system that employees can expect on a regular basis will help them grow.

Without regular reviews and feedback, your team can be left unknowingly in the dark on how well (or bad) they are doing.

Keep your relationship growing with customers by following up on product delivery, billing issues, promotional opportunities, and customer support. Creating a plan for follow-ups will streamline the process and give all your customers the same experience with your company.

When you connect with them after a sale, it leaves a valuable impression. It shows that you care about them and are interested in knowing that they were pleased. It also reinforces their decision of doing business with you and might lead to additional work or referrals.

Social media
Like anything else, you should base your social media program on a strategy. What you end up communicating to your audience is what you use to sell yourself.

Keeping a topics calendar will help you target your posts/updates and save you time from having to think about what to say. This topics calendar will also help you keep a more consistent schedule instead of putting it off because you cannot think what to post.

Making a strategy to give consistency to your customers is easy; it’s the achievement of this strategy that can be difficult. Taking the extra effort develop your strategy is going to set you ahead of the competition and on the minds of your customers. I believe it’s worth it if you try.