It’s Social Media Day!

Social media has changed the way we get our news and communicate with one another. Journalists, job seekers, entrepreneurial adventurers, human resources, and many more are all using social media for items related to their subject. To celebrate this phenomenon, Mashable has declared June 30 “Social Media Day”.

Technology has become an ever-increasing speed train, and it has not taken long for society to pick up on the benefits social media has for individuals and businesses alike. If you are responsible in any way for the survival of a business and you are not on the social media track, you will most likely be left behind at the station. Whether you want to ride first class, coach, or cargo, one-way or the other, you must buy a ticket.

What differentiates the savvy communications professionals from the traditional is the rate at which new vehicles are adopted. If you cannot test new vehicles of which to spread your message, you will miss out in reaching your target audience in the mediums which they use today—many of which use social media. Understand it or not, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter fascination is the collective voice of your business’ market.

For HR professionals, social media has been an extremely resourceful and cost-effective tool. Twenty years ago when an individual desperately needed a job they either spent large amounts of time driving door-to-door, or large amounts of time searching the newspaper’s want ads. In the end, it usually had a lot to do with who you knew that knew the person hiring.

Today’s job seeker takes full advantage of the “who you know” benefits. The old locomotive clambering down the track has been replaced by the Japanese speeding bullet train at 574 mph. The idea is to link as many companies hiring a specific employee with the job seeker who fits that job – all from one location. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you need to be. It’s the perfect resource for filling your next position.

SRJ Marketing Communications has created a set of tools highly specialized for the social media movement. By combining knowledge of social media with purposeful marketing strategies that come from more than 30 years of experience, my team and I can deliver faster movement on the social media track.

If your business still is not leveraging social media for its many advantages, you’re missing out! Give me a call at the office (214-528-5775) for a free consultation. I’d love to chat with you and help you understand just how your business can benefit. All aboard!