It may be time to update your website

Your website could (or should) be one of the most important assets to your business. Its availability 24/7 means customers and prospects can connect with you at any time to learn more about your business and offerings. If your website is a destination, then it can also be a valuable resource for visitors.

As the Web has matured, websites have evolved in how they represent businesses. Gone are the days where our websites are static brochures with stale content. Today, your business can benefit in many ways from becoming a destination for your target audience.

When was the last time you took a moment to review your own website? If it’s been a while, it may be time to begin thinking about how you can create a destination that clients and prospects will want to explore.

Blow off the dust
Has it been years since you updated your website’s design? Chances are if it’s been more than five years since it’s been designed, people will notice.

Website designs are often like fashion and automotive trends with cues that are popular from that point in time (like page widths). While there’s nothing wrong with old designs, there comes a time when your business can really benefit from something new.

A new design might also be just what you need to launch a new sense of excitement in your online marketing techniques.

Add a blog
Blogs are a great feature to add to your website to encourage repeat visits. Not only will the new content create a reason for your stakeholders to constantly visit your site, it could also help position your company as a resource or leader in your industry.

Take for example our website. Not only do I provide typical information about SRJ services, but we also have this blog where I educate my customers and other stakeholders on topics related to marketing communications.

Get social
Online social networks provide a great way to add some relevance to your website. From integrating likes and share buttons to importing your latest tweets, social media is a great way to add dynamic content to your website and allow others to easily share pages of interest with their friends.

Make/save money
As previously mentioned, your website is available all day and all night. Is there a way you can leverage more from its existence?

One example is if you sell a product, online ordering might be a way to increase sales and make your product available when your team isn’t in the office. If you do a lot of webinars or seminars to educate customers, your website might be a way to increase registrations and attendees.

Don’t forget about mobile users
Studies this year have indicated that smartphones and tablets account for more than 20 percent of Internet traffic in the U.S. Is your website compatible with these devices?

Many websites still use technology or plug-ins that are not mobile-friendly, such as Flash components in the design. These barriers make it difficult for mobile users to learn about your company.

If you don’t care about your company’s website, why should others? If you don’t visit it, why should your clients?

Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities to wow prospects and keep current clients. Consider how your website might better work for you and give us a call to learn how new website might be just want you need in 2013.