Is your website crisis ready?

Which story is your website telling potential customers during a pandemic?

“We really have our act together! We pay attention to every detail and make things easy for you to understand. We care deeply about our patients and we have the services you need right here!”


“We haven’t looked at our website in half a year. Who knows what else we have neglected? We probably just pawned this off on some intern who forgot about it. We might do the same thing to you if you.”

Good design matters

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. They say that because it’s exactly what people do. Research shows that the look and feel of a website has a direct effect on what a person expects from your brand and that impression is made in mere seconds.

Take a look at your website and think about what kind of impression you are making. If your website looks bad, is confusing or difficult to navigate, just imagine what kind of service people will expect to find at your hospital!

A simple design that is easy to use is a big step toward making a good impression. Don’t worry about flashy bells and whistles. A simple, attractive website that looks good and is easy to read on a range of mobile devices should be your first priority.

Provide the right information

Research shows that the majority of people look online for information about their health and healthcare services. The internet is often the only tool they use to make decisions about where to seek medical care. Having the right information on your website is crucial and can guide people in their decision-making.

Phone numbers, information about services, hours of operation, and other important information should be easy to find for anyone who opens your website. Information about providers and healthcare resources is also a great way to equip readers with information to make healthcare decisions.

If someone goes to your website to see if you offer breast cancer screening and they can’t find information about it, they will assume you don’t offer it.

Keep things fresh

Equally important is keeping your content fresh. Outdated services lists, biographies of providers who have moved on, or information about events that have long past are signs that you aren’t engaged online.

Right now, you need to make sure you address the COVID-19 pandemic. You need to show you are on top of the current challenges and are taking steps to protect the community. Providing the latest information and showing your commitment is critical. Staying topical is critical.

More than a marketing tool

Your website is more than another way to advertise. It’s a chance to add value to your brand and the user experience by providing content and acting as a resource for your community. It’s also a resource for your staff by setting an agenda and tone for your customer-facing strategy.

Hospitals and clinics have an opportunity to establish a reputation as a trusted source of information and to promote awareness of their services and specialties. Doing so is not only a great way to reach a broader audience, but it is essential for rural hospitals that must compete with bigger medical facilities in the city.

A healthcare marketing professional can help

SRJ Marketing Communications has been building websites for hospitals since the early days of the internet. With experience designing integrated marketing plans for healthcare facilities, our web design and content creation teams can build a website that makes a great first impression – and keeps people coming back!