Is your business serious about its website?

Did you know that over 94 percent of people look for information online about a product or service before making a purchase? If you aren’t taking your business’s website seriously, that figure should make you think twice!

Websites are a powerful marketing tool for business of all sizes, and they provide an information portal for people in your community looking for information about your product or services. Business professionals tend to think of a website as a digital advertisement for the business, but that is only part of the story.

It’s true in the sense that a good website will make a positive impression on customers and influence their buying decisions, but the main function of a business website is to provide valuable information about services, along with timely information about events and buying trends.

First impressions count

It’s becoming more and more likely that your business’s website is the first thing people turn to when they are looking for information about your product or service. People these days use the Web rather than the yellow pages to find information about local resources, so your business’s website needs to be search-engine friendly and to contain fresh and useful information.

A website that looks outdated or lacks functionality reflects poorly on a business and its products or services. When customers see a website, they begin making assumptions about the quality of they will receive at a business. That is why it is crucial for business leaders to think seriously about whether their websites are making good impressions.

Make it user-friendly

Most people looking for online information aren’t computer programmers! Your website should be easy enough for people of all ages to use and should focus on function rather than flourishes. Is your business’s site easy to navigate? Is the most relevant information in an obvious place?

Content that speaks to the customer

Customers are often looking for very specific information on your website. They are not looking for flashy graphics or long litanies written by your staff. More often than not, they want clear, concise information about treatments offered, hours of operations, and how to schedule appointments. The primary goal of a business’s website is to provide the information that customers seek. That’s why it is crucial to put yourself in customers’ shoes and think about what is most important to their experience.

It’s time to get mobile friendly

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the dominant form of Web surfing for a large number of Internet users. Smartphones and tablets make up a huge percentage of Web traffic, and they are becoming the most convenient way to locate information about health services. If your business’s website isn’t optimized for the mobile Web, it’s time for a redesign. A simple mobile-optimized website is crucial for attracting customers to your website and for making it easier for search engines such as Google to find it.

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