It takes a certain kind of person to be really great at graphic design. You know; the kind of person that brings Crayons® to meetings and keeps Play-Doh® under their desk. But it also takes a person who is fiercely attentive to detail and able to communicate messages clearly through engaging visual design.

We have the full package at SRJ. Our art department has spent 20 years perfecting its craft and is evolving every day. So if you want graphics and illustrations that truly stand out from the clutter and build relationships with your community, then let us break out our Crayon box and go to work.

Below are some of the services our graphic design team offers. While you read through them, we’re going to go play with Play-Doh some more.

  • Brochures – Gain attention and quickly spread your message with eye-catching brochures from SRJ.
  • Business Stationery – Business cards, letterheads and envelopes often provide the first impression of your healthcare facility. Let SRJ help you develop a good one.
  • Corporate Identity – Your hospital needs to stand out from the competition. Having a distinct corporate identity not only makes your brand distinguishable, but also gives a persona to your facility. Your identity also lays the foundation for key communication materials such as brochures, letterheads and newsletters.
  • Direct Mail – Generate awareness and grow your customer base when SRJ develops a strategic direct mailing campaign that accurately promotes your message and targets the right audience.
  • Newsletters – Stay in touch with your community by letting them know what’s going on with at your healthcare facility and keeping them informed on important health-related topics.