Giving Back: Support Your Community and Generate Positive PR

There are indeed some things that advertising dollars cannot buy, and that’s great PR and goodwill towards the common man. When developing a marketing communications strategy, don’t only focus on service line marketing, customer service training, and a media schedule—consider how your facility can give back to the community.

Sponsoring and creating events that contribute something back to your community will not only earn you the opportunity for coverage in your local media outlet(s), but also greatly improve brand perception.

While the possibilities of giving back are endless, a few common approaches come to mind.

Canned Food Drive

While the holidays are a popular time for many organizations to hold canned food drives, the fact of the matter is hunger continues year-round. Whenever you decide to hold a canned food drive, the important thing is to set a goal and work towards it. You might increase your contribution by partnering with local grocery stores to see if they could match your contribution.

Toy and Clothing Drive

Imagine going through the holidays as a child without a gift. Even worse, going through the year without shoes, a coat, or a change of clothing. Help those in need by hosting a drive to collect these items for those less fortunate.

Run/Walk Fundraisers

Organizing a local 1K and 3K run/walk is a great way to promote exercise and raise money for local charities and nonprofit organizations. What makes this unique is that many small communities do not have similar programs. Residents typically have to travel to larger metropolitan cities to participate.

Scholarships for Healthcare Students

A common and effective way to promote higher education and a career in healthcare is to award scholarships to local students who intend to obtain nursing certifications and who wish to work at your facility.

Encourage Team Members to Volunteer

Many facilities are now allowing their team members time off to volunteer at local nonprofit organizations. Whether it be at the senior center or food bank, volunteerism is great for employee morale and the good of the community.

When you give back to your community, it heightens the exposure of your brand to your target audience. As I often say, exposure equals awareness equals sales. How might you benefit your community? In the long run, how might your generosity benefit you?