Spring Clean Your Hospital’s Marketing Content

Fresh content can elevate your marketing strategy

For rural hospitals, providing quality content isn’t optional. These healthcare facilities play an important role as community resources for both medical services and information about health and wellness issues. With spring cleaning on many people’s minds, now is a great time to freshen up your content strategy.

Start with your online presence

It’s no secret that most people use the internet to find out information about their health and healthcare services. Your hospital’s website and social media presence are both great opportunities to provide quality content that informs your community about issues that matter locally and the healthcare services you offer.

When was the last time you updated your website? Spend a few minutes reading your website as if you were a potential patient. What information would you look for? Is your providers list as complete as it could be? Are all your services easy to find? Do you have any upcoming events that you could post about?

Your website is your chance to make a great first impression with people in your community. Take it seriously!

Are you providing the right content to your community?

Hospitals have an opportunity to guide patients in the right direction and provide timely, accurate information that they can use to make decisions about their health. 

What healthcare services does your community need to know about?

–       Annual wellness exams

–       Your local physical therapy program

–       Diabetes education programs

–       Local surgical services

These are just a few ideas, of course. I’m sure you can think of plenty more!

As hospital administrators, it’s easy to forget that your community may not be aware of the wealth of healthcare services offered locally. Because travel is always a burden, letting your community know that they can find important healthcare services at your hospital can be a huge relief.

Commit to social media – provide consistently great content!

Don’t let your social media page grow stale! Keep your audience up to date with fresh content. Social media is a great platform for sharing information and provides an opportunity for healthcare providers to give their audiences information about important health issues and healthcare services available in the local community. As an authority on health, your hospital can provide a valuable service just by sharing information!

Content has a direct effect on a healthcare facility’s reputation

Hospitals and clinics have an opportunity to establish a reputation as a trusted source of information and to promote awareness of their services and specialties. Doing so is not only a great way to reach a broader audience, but it is essential for rural hospitals that have to compete with bigger medical facilities in the city.

Building a reputation as a pillar of the local community and promoting trust is a crucial way for hospitals to slow out migration and to demonstrate that essential medical care can be found locally.

At SRJ, we make sure hospitals have the content they need to engage their communities with timely, relevant information. We pay especially close attention to digital media, since so many people make healthcare decisions based on information they find online.

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