Enhance Your Online Presence with Videos

We’ve all been to websites where we see an article and just don’t want to read it. If we’re lucky, there might be a video of the content that we can easily watch in lieu.

Video continues to grow as a form of communication online. Long gone are the days of simple Web pages where all we had to do was post some copy and move on to the next project.

Your customers and prospects like options and the successful marketers have much to benefit from leveraging videos to engage audiences.

Video Blogs
For those of you who currently blog, you know that your articles are a great way to share news, introduce or showcase new products or services, or perhaps even feature client testimonials. Blogs are a great way to get visitors to your website while helping your content to be found online.

If you’ve mastered the art of blogging for your business, try enriching your articles by including a video blog as well. These video segments should ideally be about three minutes in length and can include the same information as your blog.

Imagine being able to show and demonstrate your products and services to prospective customers instead of telling them about it.

Enhance Email Marketing Programs
Many of you already know that email marketing can be an important driver of website traffic and business.

There are many approaches to email marketing. Some just send out monthly newsletters while others send out announcements on specific products or promotions.

Much like video blogging, you can use your email marketing program to link to videos designed to specifically address the core message(s) of your email.

Add Personality to Your Business
Have you taken a look at the “about us” section of your website? Many companies have a lengthy overview of their business and employees and perhaps even a traditional group photo of executives and team members.

Adding video to this section of your website is a perfect way to truly showcase your team. It can also be a great way to break the ice with prospects and form the foundation of a new relationship.

Social Benefits
As you might imagine, video is great for social media. We have all seen friend share or post videos online. Having video of your own can be a great way to increase your social presence on sites like Facebook and, most importantly, YouTube. With new services popping up like Twitter’s Vine service, video will continue to be an important means of communicating online.

Depending on the nature of your videos, you might not even need a big budget or huge production value. Most modern smartphones, digital cameras, or dedicated video recording devices can produce quality HD video that is appropriate for the Web.

As with any marketing tactic, start with a written strategy and then go for it. The possibilities are virtually endless on how you can use video to strengthen your online presence while improving your business goals and relationships.